I consider myself to be very driven and passionate about the things that I love, and you can always see that through my work and my interactions with my family and friends. I came to Florida International University to pursue a degree in Communications, specifically Public Relations, as well as a minor in Psychology. Once I graduate from FIU I plan to further my studies in Law School and specialize in Intellectual Property Law. I am a proud sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, Delta Kappa Chapter and am currently serving my greek community as Vice President of the Panhellenic Council.

Becoming Sigma Chi Phi’s Sweetheart was the highlight of my year. I have had the pleasure of knowing this amazing group of gentlemen for a year now and I’ve seen them grow so much in that span of time. Being their sweetheart not only allowed me to be closer with the men that I hold dear to my heart but it also allowed me to experience their moments of happiness, moments of turbulence and the moments of hard work and success. I have watched boys go through uncharted waters in order to become men of character, and that has been not only a very enjoyable and rewarding journey but one that I’ve been very proud to have been part of. What I love most about them is that they’re all different. They are like a body; some of them are eyes because of their ability to lead while others are hearts because of their unyielding passion and kindness. Regardless of the role that they play within Sigma Chi, they all have something very valuable to contribute to this fraternity and they possess a devotion to this organization unlike any I’ve ever seen. I am so proud of every single one of them and they never fail to make me feel extra special. Over the course of the year, I have learned a lot from this group of men. I’ve learned that in order to have success in everything you do, you must do wholeheartedly and with everything you’ve got. Watching them work so hard in order to become a chapter has not only motivated me to do many great things in my life but it has also given me a new appreciation for people of true integrity. I love my organization and I hold it in high regard. Becoming a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma was one of the greatest decisions of my life, one that I will forever cherish. It jumpstarted my transition into adulthood and gave my college experience a dose of pizzazz and made it one of the most fabulous couple of years in my life. And although I was about to graduate thinking that my life could not get any better, they managed to make my college experience even more complete by naming me their very first Sweetheart. And because of that, I will be eternally grateful to them