My name is Jessica Hahn and I am honored to have received the title of 2012 Sigma Chi Sweetheart for the Lambda Iota Chapter here at Florida International University. I transferred to FIU in 2010 to pursue a career in the health industry. One of my dreams is to have a happy and healthy lifestyle, and help others to achieve the same. I wish to do that by becoming a nurse. FIU has helped me stay on that track and excel in all aspects of University life.

Coming to FIU has offered me a lot of life changing opportunities such as being initiated into the wonderful bond I know and love, Alpha Omicron Pi. AOII has given me the chance to actively participate in Relay for Life and Dance Marathon and has opened the door to job an amazing job opportunity as a Resident Assistant. Being involved on campus has provided me a great opportunity to create a strong connection with the gentlemen of Sigma Chi, Lambda Iota chapter.

Before I transferred to FIU, I would visit and spend my weekends getting to know the colony of Sigma Chi Phi. I had the fortunate opportunity to watch this colony develop into the chapter it is today. I fell in love with the dedication and perseverance these men had for the continuation and growth of their soon to be chapter. Soon, their goals became my goals, and I found myself helping out in any way I could; fundraising, recruitment and community service.

It was so motivating to see every new pledge class. I would see boys enter the pledge process excited and full of potential and before my eyes become men. I became inspired by each member of Sigma Chi individually, finding that they were all so different, in their own unique way. Yet no matter what, each member represented the Jordan Standard, and what it is meant to be a Sigma Chi to their core.

Words cannot describe how honored I am to be able to represent these men who have inspired me deeply. Each day I am able to spend with these men, I find out something new about them. When that happens it helps me learn more about myself and grow as a woman. I am continually growing and changing to better myself and exemplify the woman I will soon become. The gentlemen of Sigma Chi have helped me pave that road. Sigma Chi inspires me to grow more as a person both personally and professionally but they also teach me to have fun and enjoy life. My college experience has forever been enhanced by this chapter and I will continue to do my best to see it prosper and grow to its fullest potential.