Our brothers, who are found in all part of this university, have made an unprecedented impact on this campus in the past year, from taking on major leadership roles in the Student Government Association to throwing the biggest tailgates of the year. I am proud to say that this year our chapter successfully raised a campus record $29,000 for Huntsman Cancer Institute during our Derby Days philanthropy week. While our accomplishments and successes may be great this chapter recognizes that achievement is no excuse to stop achieving. The Lambda Iota chapter was founded on January 22, 2011; in our short time here at FIU we have been committed to the betterment of character campus and community. As this new academic year approaches our members are motivated and excited to once again lead the Greek Community with more accomplishments. This fall the Lambda iota Chapter seeks to set the tone for the upcoming collegiate year by once again breaking the mold and fundraising a unprecedented $45,000 once again shattering the campus record. 

I want to thank you for visiting our website; I hope you enjoyed seeing only  a glimpse of what Sigma Chi is about and what our chapter plans to accomplish. If you’re looking to get involved please reach out, support, and donate.  I hope to continue the legacy of the leaders who came before me and continue to inspire my fellow brothers to push themselves and this chapter. We will continue to build up this chapter with the brothers in this chapter, and for our future brothers who will be initiated into this chapter. 

“We are all ships, and ships are always safe in the harbor. But that’s not why we build ships”

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Nicholas D. Recuset “Shotgun” – Roll #87

nrecuset@gmail.com or nrecu001@fiu.edu 
Cell: 786.280.1622

"Sigma Chi was my first love; it shall be my last,"

~Founder Benjamin P. Runkle


Worthy Brothers, Friends, and loved ones,

The Lambda Iota Chapter of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity seeks to create an inclusive, positive, and enduring brotherhood that challenges men to develop into legendary leaders of the world. Our brotherhood, which transcends the reach of our chapter seeks to help make every individual brother feel at home and motivated to expand their horizons.  The values that are instilled in our members contain the qualities of a complete personality Friendship, Justice, and Learning.

Born and raised in Miami; I attended the Belen Jesuit Preparatory School for high school. I pledged summer 2012 and was initiated on September 22, 2012. Since then I have held the position of Recruitment Chair and Pro-Consul (Vice-President). Sigma Chi to me has helped me become the man I always wanted to become. In my time at Belen I was very involved with extracurricular activities and clubs. Upon arriving at FIU I fell accustomed to simply going to class and going home taking no time to push myself to leave my comfort zone. Sigma Chi helped me change that, it pushed me to do the things I always dreamed of and gave me the support system to motivate me to go beyond. Because of Sigma Chi I was finally able to become a two term Student Government Senator.