Our brothers, during our 8th year of operation, made an unparalleled impact on campus this past year, from taking major leadership roles in the Student Government Association, winning our first intramural championship, to flying our brand new blimp during our crazy tailgates. During the chapters short time here at FIU we have taken philanthropy to bigger heights. I am proud to say that our chapter has raised a campus record of $36,000 for the Huntsman Cancer Institute during our 2016 Derby Days philanthropy week. We successfully broke our past years record of $29,000 and held the first ever “Run Derby” 5K on campus by any organization. While these accomplishments may be great, this chapter does not stop from trying to achieve greatness. The Lambda Iota chapter was founded on January 22, 2011 and we have been committed to the betterment of character on campus and in the community. As the new academic year approaches I am excited to lead such a great group of guys I have the privilege of calling my brothers. This upcoming spring the Lambda Iota chapter seeks to set new standards for this year’s upcoming philanthropy, as the chapter’s goal is $45,000 surpassing the last record. 

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, I hope this gave you a glimpse of what Sigma Chi is about here at FIU and what the Lambda Iota chapter plans to accomplish in the upcoming academic year. I hope to continue to inspire my fellow brothers to push themselves to new limits and our brothers will continue to build up this chapter to with the brothers in this chapter, and for our future brothers who will be initiated into Lambda Iota. 


In Hoc Signo Vinces,


Moises Jattin

"Men join Fraternities, leaders of men join Sigma Chi." - John Wayne, USC 1929


Worthy Brothers, Friends, and loved ones,


The Lambda Iota of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity seeks to create an exclusive, positive, and enduring brotherhood that challenges men to into a legendary leader. The reach of our chapter pursues to help make every individual brother feel at home and motivated to expand his horizons. The values that are instilled in our members contain the qualities of Friendship, Justice, and Learning.


I, the President of the Lambda Iota Chapter of Sigma Chi, am a natural leader. With a passion for sports, leadership and his fraternity, I am a very social man. On top of my presidential position, I am also holding the position in charge of athletics. With my ambitious attitude and quick witted thinking, I was able to be nationally recognized for being a top sales representative for my summer internship.